Geriatric Medicine

The Geriatric Medicine department at Chinmaya Mission Hospital caters to the unique needs of senior citizens. Just as Paediatricians are trained to understand and provide appropriate care to children, Geriatricians undergo advanced training in the care of the elderly. Geriatricians work in various settings which includes outpatient and inpatient care, rehabilitation / transitional care, assisted living / senior living, nursing homes where patients are completely dependent on others, home care and palliative care. At present, we offer outpatient consultation and co-management / consultation for patients admitted to other specialities.

Geriatricians primarily focus on five main areas, known as the Geriatric 5Ms. This is:

  • Multi Complexity
  • Mind
  • Mobility
  • Medications
  • What Matters most to the patient

The goal in Geriatrics is to provide comprehensive care to:

  • Improve function
  • Maintain independence
  • Improve quality of life
  • Address goals of care

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Geriatrics is team-based care. Every member of the team contributes their expertise to evolve a care plan that is specifically tailored to the particular patient. The team members may include:
  • Geriatricians
  • Nurses
  • Pharmacists
  • Dieticians
  • Social workers
  • Physiotherapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Speech and hearing therapists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Psychologists
  • Others specialists (Cardiologist, Neurologist, Urologist, etc)

Attributes of Geriatric Care

  • Integrated, holistic, considers the whole person NOT just the organ or disease
  • Patient-centred, focussing on the goals of the person
  • Sensitive, taking the time to listen and hear
  • Balances complexity using the best evidence
  • Interdisciplinary, coordinating the skills of a team of experts
  • Proactive, preventative, avoiding many risks and common pitfalls of usual care

How to prepare for a consultation?

  • Take time to recall and list all your medical conditions (Diagnoses), surgeries and allergies if any.
  • Please bring all your medicines including AYUSH drugs in a bag or bring a list of all medicines with their dosages and frequency of use (Kindly list using GENERIC or DRUG name only, avoid BRAND name eg: DOLO 650 is the brand name, Paracetamol is the GENERIC / DRUG name. We request you to do this so we can avoid spending time searching GOOGLE for the composition of the medicine).
  • Please bring old discharge summaries, prescriptions and reports of investigations done.
Please note that your medical history and the medicines used by you are VERY IMPORTANT for us to diagnose and prescribe appropriate treatment. Without this information we will not be able to help you as much as we may wish.

What to expect from a consultation?

Many older adults have multiple issues for a long period of time. Unfortunately there is no medicine available which can be quickly prescribed to treat many of these conditions. In addition, we cannot prescribe certain medicines or use the same doses as in younger adults. A detailed history and examination is needed following which a plan of care will be recommended. Since older adults may not present with the classic symptoms and signs of a disease, this process takes longer and we will need other tests / referrals to make a diagnosis. In summary:
  • Consultations may take longer than expected, so please bring snacks and water
  • 1-2 issues will be addressed in one consultation
  • Medications are prescribed in smaller doses and increased gradually over a period of time depending on the effect.
  • We will often need lab tests or other investigations prior to prescribing certain medicines and to monitor for adverse effects. Therefore, please bring any recent lab reports to avoid repeat testing and recurrent visits.
  • Regular follow-up is essential.
  • Treatment requires active participation of the patient and the caregiver.
  • We advocate lesser medicines, alternative therapies and LIFESTYLE CHANGES.
  • Since Geriatrics is a new speciality in India, many hospitals do not have all the specialists listed above.
The content on this webpage was compiled by Dr. Yamini Ramakrishna and applies to patients in India.
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