At Chinmaya Mission Hospital, we bring astute proficiency to tackle the most critical challenges. Our in-house consultants provide anaesthesia for all major, minor, elective, or emergency services. Managing pain for patients to ensure that the intra & post-operative care is a comprehensive procedure requires intensive understanding. Our team of doctors work cohesively ensuring that the welfare of the patients is ultimate goal behind every decisive call,

Local, spinal, regional, or general anaesthesia for Laparoscopic, Endoscopic, Colonoscopic, Arthroscopic, Neuro, or Conventional Surgeries in General and allied branches of surgery. The Anesthesia department also provides pain relief in chronic painful conditions, such as lumbar Disc Prolapse.

Our group of anesthesiologists are extremely experienced and well-versed. Their proactive, preemptive way of decision making involves both sensitivity and sensibility. This when facilitated by top notch technology in the medical space, it makes an institution a house of trust.

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© Chinmaya Mission Hospital . All rights reserved.