At Chinmaya Mission Hospital, the primary goal of the department of Dietetics is to promote healthy eating habits to all patients. The medical team guides their patients on this path to better their health by consuming important vitamins and minerals through food. The department consists of experienced dietitians who believe that food is the most powerful medicine.

Chinmaya Mission Hospital believes that if humans consume food with the right nutritional values, they can avoid diseases in the future. The hospital promotes the importance of healthy eating. The Dietitians at Chinmaya Mission Hospital believe that a patient can regain their strength with the right nutritional value.

The department of Dietetics works with various departments of the hospital to ensure patients receive the right nutrition through the food they eat. The departments work in tandem to plan the right diet for their patients, helping them recover sooner than expected. The patients receive customised plans catering to their deficiencies and health conditions. This along with the highly-skilled professional team has led to Chinmaya Mission Hospital being listed as a top hospital in Bangalore for Dietetics.

The Dietitians at Chinmaya Mission Hospital are responsible for:
  • Assessing the nutritional status of the patients. Developing diet plans and counseling patients and their relatives on special diet modifications.
  • Imparting private counseling to outpatients to promote health and prevent diseases.

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