At Chinmaya Mission Hospital, the Department of Audiology excels at providing care and medical services for those with a hearing imbalance. The Audiology department consists of highly skilled professionals. The medical team is an experienced team consisting of all age groups, facilitating a wide range of patients & problems. The department works closely with the ENT department to offer the best services to the patients.

The department assesses all age groups right from newborns, who are evaluated for any hearing defects, checked via hearing tests and provide advice about hearing and balance issues, to providing services to adolescents and elderly patients with hearing disabilities. The medical team examines patients by conducting necessary hearing tests and helps them by guiding them on the right path.

The department also provides various ranges and types of internationally branded hearing aids. It is home to state-of-the-art technology and services. As a part of the Annual Medical Examination, the department conducts hearing tests for various external departments such as Railways and industries that manufacture heavy equipment, where the noise emitted is over and above the permitted levels. The department is quite well known for its expertise and experience across top hospitals in Bangalore.

The Department of Audiology at Chinmaya mission hospital conducts the following hearing tests:
  • Pure Tone Audiometry.
  • Impedance Audiometry.
  • Oto Acoustic Emission Test.
  • Brainstem Evoked Response Audiometry.
  • Hearing Aid Trials.

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