Tiny And Mighty..

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The world Premature Day is observed on 17th November every year to spread awareness about premature birth and preemies.

Golden Jubilee Year

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Chinmaya Mission Hospital celebration the Golden Jubilee in 2022 with Sports and Cultural events. The events attracted large participation from large section of the employees. The event concluded with Hospital Day Celebration which marked prize distribution and cultural events graced by Smt Sudha Murthy & Sri B R Prabhakara – President KCST.

A Blissful Journey

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The entire nation was reeling with happiness and pride after the Republic day celebration and here in CMH we got an opportunity to assist Mrs. Usha rani, an elderly prime into her motherhood.

Usha rani since her early 20s dreamt of being a mother faced various challenges in her pursuit with a lot of disappointments. She saw a silver lining in IVF and was overwhelmed after the twin pregnancies were confirmed. Pregnancy is a progressive physiological state where both the mother and fetus undergo immense developmental or regressive changes depending upon the health of the mother. Nutritional aspects take an even greater leap especially when there is more than one to be born.

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